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Arcsys provides a high-performance e-Invoicing solution that is both efficient and cost-effective delivering bulk archiving and high volume access for output management, in SaaS and on-premise licensing models.

Arcsys offers a high performance solution for electronic invoicing regardless of volume and number of users. It provides compliance and evidentiary value to all invoices enterprise-wide at a very affordable cost. This service can be integrated with all business applications and portals.

Efficient bulk archiving

Arcsys is a highly scalable and modular solution enabling high-speed archiving of very large volumes – several billion invoices – over a short timespan.

Redundancy (Availability)

Arcsys provides high availabililty thanks to a fully redundant site architecture that compensates for any technical failure, including storage media, servers, networks or datacentres and without disruption for business users.

High-speed & high volume access

Hundreds of thousands of end-users can access their web portal service simultaneously and in real time, with no impact on response times or performance levels.

Cost efficiency

Our solution minimizes the multiplication of archived documents by centralizing them on a single and unified platform, to address legal compliance regulations, while reducing costs.

Integration with business applications

Web Services and connectors provided within Arcsys facilitate integration with cross-enterprise systems of record including CRM, ERP, collaborative applications, email.

Output Management

Arcsys enables intensive, high-speed data ingestion and electronic document delivery for all types of data streams, such as AFP, XML, PDF.

Recovery of Ageing Archive Management Systems

Our experience and expertise in very large volumes of data migration enables Arcsys to seamlessly recover ageing or obsolete business documents and archives, no matter the size or format, and to migrate and re-inject to the new archiving system, thus removing any opportunity of future vendor or storage lock-in.

Licensing Model

The solution is available in on-premise, SaaS, or both. In SaaS mode, Arcsys offers an ideal platform from which system integrators and qualified trust service providers can deliver efficient archiving and records management services to their own customers. multi-tenancy? pertinent pour appuyer sur la partie SaaS.