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Arcsys software

Arcsys Software is a software editor dedicated to information preservation and perennial archiving.

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Our solutions

The Arcsys software suite allows to build a unified repository for long-term preservation of all the company’s archives in order to perpetuate the assets, to manage the risks related to the regulatory compliance obligations and to increase the digital trust.

Efficient dematerialization
Unified archiving
Long-term preservation
tax control

Why Arcsys ?

Arcsys Software is a company of the Infotel group, a French ESN which achieved a turnover of 300.4 million euros in 2022, an increase of 14.0% compared to 263.4 million euros in 2021 and has more than 3000 employees.

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Arrange an initial meeting to find out more about how Arcsys can help you.


Functional analysis and Proof of Concept​ (POC)

In the next stage, we analyze your company’s requirements and develop a solution tailored to your needs, which we validate in a test run.


Implementation and validation

Once the test has been successfully completed, the solution is implemented and definitively validated.

Arcsys Software is a software publisher dedicated to information preservation and long-term archiving.

Address: Immeuble le Valmy, 18 avenue Léon Gaumont 75020 Paris