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SAP connector (SAP archiving)

To cope with the exponential growth of volumes in ERP systems, the use of archiving procedures is rapidly becoming essential to maintain acceptable performance and limit the technical constraints of operation.

The SAP connector of Arcsys software allows to take into account the archiving of data as well as the archiving of outgoing documents produced in mass in SAP or to attach to files managed by SAP, incoming documents from suppliers, customers or partners.

Improved performance

The increase of the storage space managed in SAP leads to significant performance degradation. Arcsys allows you to manage your archives outside SAP while maintaining live links with SAP.

Reduction of storage costs

This is the second major objective of archiving in SAP. The growing space leads to direct costs (storage) and indirect costs (reorganization, backup, management). With Arcsys, the storage space for archiving is 15 to 20 times cheaper than that of SAP.

Transparency for users

No change for end users. The Arcsys < > SAP dialogues run in the background without the users knowing that they are accessing their data as they were natively in SAP.

Easy integration into SAP

Arcsys uses native SAP interfaces and our connector is certified by SAP. Deployment is simple and standard.

Compliance with regulatory requirements

The Arcsys solution guarantees the evidential value of the archives kept, thus facilitating compliance with regulatory obligations.

Durable preservation

The Arcsys software allows to provide a single enterprise preservation solution for information managed in SAP and information managed outside SAP.