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Digital Vault

A digital vault is a secure storage space designed to hold sensitive information safe from misuse and unauthorized access.

Arcsys Digital Vault is a software layer that includes multiple security features required to protect sensitive data and integrates these capabilities within its unified archiving platform.

Duplicated Secure Storage

Multiple digital vaults can be managed, while remaining independent. Data is duplicated to ensure that it is always available with no risk of loss.

User Access Rights

Access to Arcsys Digital Vault can be granted for individual users or groups of users. Administrator roles are defined according to access rights and requirements and do not necessarily include access to archives.


Data privacy is ensured as users are completely unaware of other users in the system or other digital vaults. Data can be encrypted, so that only the user with the encryption key can read the information in the vault.


Hashing processes and electronic signatures ensure that stored content remains in its original state and validate data integrity. This eliminates the possibility of altering or damaging information within the digital vault.

Evidentiary Value

Arcsys integrates several technical functionalities to ensure that an archived document or data is trustworthy and admissible as evidence in a court of law. Evidentiary value can be found in a combination of procedures such as security, compliance with the latest standards and regulation, and an immutable audit trail of events including authenticity, timestamping and accountability.