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Arcsys has been designed to fit into rigorous environments designed to ensure integrity, availability, confidentiality and protection against intrusions

Security is a generic term that covers both the guarantee of absence of risk and the use in a trusted environment.

Content quality

The guarantee covering the reliability of the data is particularly well covered in Arcsys:

  • An advanced management of multiple physical sites and mirrors allows an exhaustive control of the quality of the content of all storage media (completeness, integrity) and ensures operators a Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) of the system
  • Automated recovery management between sites, copies and internal processes with transparent correction of anomalies encountered ensures total availability of managed information and no loss in the event of a disaster
  • Integrity and readability management ensured throughout the archive’s lifecycle, both on a sample basis and exhaustively when an object is accessed
  • Scalability allows the architecture to be continually adapted to performance and availability needs

Trusted environment

All our developments systematically include extensive testing phases with tools related to Web applications and compliance with the state of the art and recommendations.

We support our clients in their certification objectives (several of our clients have Defence Confidential status) and we undertake to correct without delay any flaws that may be discovered in the audit and/or certification processes.


The double segmentation into Roles (or privileges) on the one hand, which only allows certain functions to be performed, and Rights on the other hand, which offers the possibility of exercising these roles only on portions of the archive stock, allows users (or groups of users) to be finely partitioned and access and functions to be restricted as precisely as possible.

A number of technical features are available to ensure consistency between Arcsys and the tools usually in place in companies (Enterprise Directory, SSO, Encryption, etc.).