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Long-term preservation of digital content

Few organisations today have sufficient hindsight to understand the intricacies of preserving digital content over time.

Long-term preservation of data cannot be limited to choosing the right storage technology, but rather must be resolved by implementing a set of appropriate procedures and monitoring.

Storage aging

The most common lifespan of storage media is around 3 to 4 years, which means that it will be necessary to regularly re-read and change the storage media, which, in addition to the inconvenience of non-readability, creates a workload for the operators and consequent processing times. Arcsys automates completely the tasks of reading/verification of integrity/traceability/writing between supports, which considerably reduces the work of the operator.

Format obsolescence

Format management is a nightmare. New formats appear regularly while others fall into disuse. The internal structure of a document can leave something to be desired and question its readability in the medium or long term. Arcsys allows the implementation of rules of management of the formats and a true strategy of conservation by identification, validation and possibly conversion.


Arcsys was designed to be, as much as possible, independent to storage technologies of course but not only. Arcsys respects multiple technical standards in order to aim at technological independence and to be able to replace at the level of a technical brick, an obsolete technology by another.

Integrity of the archives

Arcsys can manage multiple copies of a data, possibly on different types of media. Arcsys associates to each archive a fingerprint allowing to monitor the deviations and to correct automatically any anomaly of integrity.


The lack of reversibility is a technical trap in which it is no longer conceivable to fall. Arcsys embeds natively the necessary export functionalities in order not to be dependent on its supplier. All the experience accumulated over time is exportable (archives, indexing, business rules, evidence).

Data description

In many cases, a data is not physically lost but may be untraceable because its description was not properly done. Arcsys makes it possible to implement an effective description of the managed contents.