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Integration into the IS


Our developments are systematically based on proven and widely distributed products on the market and do not include any opaque or proprietary components.

Modularity and Scalability

Arcsys is developed in the form of modular components whose number is adaptable according to the desired performance and availability.

Interoperability and Openness

Arcsys has many API and Web Services to interface with third party applications.

Standard connectors exist to interface with complex upstream systems requiring a bi-directional dialogue (payment, consultation).

In the case of simple services (deposit only), Arcsys has a configurable injector to automate the extraction and deposit of archives.

Technological and normative watch

Our technology watch and the experience of our consultants allow us to offer you an effective, efficient and successful integration in the business application chains.

Our constant monitoring of standards and regulations guarantees compliance with the state of the art in each country of the European Union.