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AFP flow management

AFP is a print format that separates resources, indexes and data, so that the size of a single document is extremely small. This format is used in large companies that produce documents in large series for print streams.

Arcsys natively handles AFP workflows which can coexist with other document types.

AFP versus PDF

The size of an AFP document is ridiculously small compared to the same document in PDF format. In addition, an AFP stream can benefit from very strong compression, whereas a PDF document has little or no compression.

Cost reduction

The main benefit of this type of stream is in terms of storage costs. It also reduces the volume of exchanges between service providers, processing times and the costs inherent in the probative value.

Consultation of AFP documents

In many companies, these print streams are the original documents. They are transmitted to service providers who print these documents and route them to the recipients. Archiving the files in AFP format therefore allows the original documents to be archived. Arcsys can dynamically convert the document into a PDF format at the time of consultation.