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DMS connectors

It is not uncommon to find DMS software used for archiving data, even though archived data basically pollutes DMS systems and these systems are far too expensive for frozen data.

A recent trend in recent years shows that archival systems can be under intense stress in consulting on increasingly high volumes and relegating DMS systems to only live data.

Possible alternatives

  • As archiving systems are able to handle hundreds of millions of records or more and deliver them in a fraction of a second at low cost, some companies are deploying Arcsys as an enterprise archive warehouse and connecting some consumer portals, call centres or customer advisors directly to it.
  • Other companies prefer instead to keep their DMS as a single front-end interface and deploy Arcsys and its bi-directional connectors to produce back-end document exchanges between DMS and archiving.

Succinct operation of connectors

The Arcsys connectors are bi-directional, i.e. the front-end DMS can both archive into Arcsys and make synchronous lookup requests to Arcsys. It is therefore not static and uni-directional extractors as proposed by most market players.

Generalized evidential value

All archives communicated by the DMS through the connector benefit from Arcsys features and in particular from the evidential value.

Lower cost archiving

The unit cost of an archived document is in the order of a small fraction of a euro, out of all proportion to the costs seen in DMS.

Open interfaces

The various interfaces offered allow both a mass injector and an integration into existing applications and portals thanks to our Web Services.