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A unified digital preservation platform for enterprise archiving

Arcsys makes it possible to conceive a unified warehouse of all the files of the company which structures rules of management, legal value, capacity of classification and access rights.

Centralise all digital preservation policies on a unified software platform. Arcsys serves a variety of enterprise needs, including corporate heritage, technical and scientific data and local and global compliance.

Data Formats

Data of any format can be archived – digital documents or electronic files, whatever the size or structure, including multiple application output, encrypted data, composite documents.

Records Management Policies

Data ingestion can have customized records management policies such as retention period, quality checks, classification, availability, storage media and locations, indexing and final disposal. Administrators categorize such policies according to company’s needs and assign them to each “Collection”.

User Rights Management

Access to Arcsys can be granted for individual users or groups of users. Administrator roles are defined according to access rights and requirements and do not necessarily include access to archives.


It is possible to index by keywords (business metadata) and/or full text. Technical metadata is automatically captured by the system.

Technical Quality Control

Ongoing monitoring ensures integrity of archives according to the defined records management policies (authenticity, format, indexing and storage media controls).

Data migration and format conversion is automated by Arcsys.

Classification System

Archives are displayed in tree view for users.

Graphical Interfaces

Archived data is accessible via a light customizable web portal according to archiving and indexing policies. Webservices enable integration with business applications via APIs.

Evidentiary Value

Classes of service make it possible to define levels of evidentiary value for all or part of the content.

Optimized Archive Cost

Arcsys can drastically reduce infrastructure costs, enabling our customers to find the most competitive archive cost on the market. With a unique and flexible pricing offer, Arcsys enables customers to transition year on year as archiving needs evolve.

DOUBLE-CHECK In sharing resources among multiple client partners/business partners and within a secure environment, third-party providers can increase efficiencies and bring down costs.