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Preservation of the company’s technical and industrial heritage

The Arcsys software has basic functions particularly useful to manage the integrity and availability of very large volumes of data over periods of several decades.

In the fields of research, laboratories and industrial design, the data preservation requires a rigourous organisation since the processed data represent the most precious asset of the company.

Reutilisation of data

Generally speaking, the design data is preserved for its capacity to be reused, to check calculation, to validate a pattern, to design a new derivative product, to protect an industrial know-how and in some more limited cases, to provide a non-involvment proof in a dispute.

Diversity of supported objects

Arcsys handles “Objects” of any format, size and typology, in the form of envelopes. Each of these containers can therefore freely contain a single file, a set of objects, a tree structure, etc. Each file is assimilated to a train of bytes.

Strategic value

The data being the essence of the company, the elementary integrity of each object preserved is fundamental. Arcsys will associate a fingerprint to each object and make several copies in parallel, possibly on several geographical sites. Arcsys will check the integrity and the availability permanently and will undertake corrective actions in the event of deviation of an object compared to its initial print


The technical environments are sometimes “Confidential Defence”, that is why Arcsys is regularly audited by competent authorities and any reported vulnerabilities are treated with the highest priority

Keywords and search

The association of keywords to each Object or Container is fundamental to ensure the efficient search of a data. Depending on the case, the data is interpreted on the user’s workstation or restored to a storage space on the internal network.

Independence from storage media

The volume of design data is increasing dramatically, so the storage infrastructure must be regularly adapted both to keep up with market technologies and to cope with growth. Arcsys enables the planning and automation of migration operations between storage media so that operator involvement is minimal and traceability is assured. Arcsys can store data on disk or tape and can handle very large amounts of data (petabytes).