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Following Documation 2024, explore the conference “Ensuring a Dispute-Free Future through the Power of SAE” led by Mr. François DELION from M. Delion Corporation.

Our client’s satisfaction is our greatest achievement:

  • “Arcsys is being used to support the digital invoicing reform at Bouygues Telecom.”
  • “We currently store over 1.2 billion invoices.”
  • “Why do I remain loyal to Arcsys? It’s THE software that best addresses the company’s challenges.”
  • “The tool provides the legal evidence needed to protect the company and can handle very large volumes of data while minimizing necessary storage.”
  • “My 200 TB of archives fit into 20 TB! That’s very impressive.”
  • “For me, it’s the ideal tool today!”

What solution to archive and perpetuate 1 billion documents?

Thales’ experience highlights the necessity for businesses to select the most optimal enduring archiving solution to ensure the long-term reliability of their corporate documents. Concerning volume, our Arcsys solution is not constrained, and our team takes pride in securely guaranteeing the archiving of our clients’ corporate data with evidential value. Discover why Thales opted for an ECM solution like Infotel’s and why they continue to entrust us.

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