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Storage of large amounts of data

The data storage has an abstraction layer in Arcsys that makes any changes irrelevant to Arcsys.

The data storage is a technical brick supervised by Arcsys. It can undergo any modification (augmentation, migration) without any impact for Arcsys operators and end users.

High volumes

Arcsys has no limit as to the storage of archives. Additional resources can be accommodated dynamically.

Magnetic tapes can also be used, which is often the case for very large volumes.

Supplier independence

Arcsys is completely independent of storage vendors.

Automated migrations

Arcsys is able to support automated rules for migrating all or part of the inventory.

Media monitoring

Arcsys is capable of managing long-distance geo-dispersed complexes. It is responsible for the distribution of copies to the various sites and automatically compensates for any failure regardless of the level and origin.