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Archiving business records with evidentiary value

In companies, many documents need to be listed, kept and filed for long periods of time in order to prove compliance with regulatory obligations, but also good faith and compliance with good practices, whether with the authorities, a customer or a supplier. These documents are commonly referred to as “binding documents”.

Arcsys manages the evidentiary value of a business-complete records during the full lifecycle as well as indexation / indexing, integrity, traceability and authenticity so that there is no doubt that a born-digital document is the original and admissible as evidence if required.

Indexation / indexing

Arcsys provides a logical and hierarchical structure for all incoming or outgoing business documents to enable efficient search, access controls and policy management.

Access Management

Access to files and documents are granted to users according to their roles and rights within the organization.

Service Levels

According to a document’s nature, Arcsys automatically assigns rules/policies in terms of retention period, access, storage, availability, deletion, indexing/indexation, audit controls and so on.

Evidentiary value

Evidentiary value is managed according to a variety of integrity levels with electronic signature and time-stamping. Accountability and traceability are fully automated.


Arcsys manages an evidence file for each document allowing to take note a posteriori of all the detailed events occurred during the preservation of the document.


The system is scalable in terms of technical architecture to implement the necessary levels of storage, performance and availability.